All modern technologies in one platform

We are a team of specialists in various IT fields. We have combined the most popular areas in one platform, which will become the center of entry into the world of technologies and finance for both beginners and experienced traders, collectors, miners. You no longer need to waste time looking for trendy ideas.
MIDO - all in one multi-platform!
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Our advantages

Our goal is to make cryptocurrencies easier and more accessible for everyone, so that everyone can earn money on the most promising and fast-growing crypto currency market. We create products that are necessary and useful to people, taking care of our users.
Guaranteed profit
By combining modern technologies and using all their positive qualities, we give more opportunities for getting a stable and high income for a long time. We unite all the features of DeFi, NFT and DeX in one platform.
The safety and security of our investors ' funds, as well as their personal data, is our main task. A professional team of traders, analysts and cybersecurity specialists allows to be confident of success. We guarantee stable profits.
Convenient website
For your convenience, we have created a modern website. Our goal is to provide our customers with great earning opportunities and convenience and ease of use. Anyone can use our platform, regardless of knowledge, education, and experience.
Fast exchange
For us, simplicity and speed of exchange are of paramount importance. The main goal for us is to provide liquidity to facilitate the exchange and to make this process as easy as possible for our users.
We are always close and at hand
Our service is always available for everyone, from anywhere in the world, so that you receive a stable income and be confident in the future.
Stable income
We never stand still and carefully study modern technologies and the opportunities that they offer. By connecting different DeFi products and the NFT market on one platform, we increase the revenue of our users.

How it works

Crypto Trading
DeFi Area
NFT Industry
Many possibilities in one place
Your stable and guaranteed income
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27 days
37 days
47 days
57 days
67 days
80 days
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100 days
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120 days
Our task is to create a single ecosystem that consists of different DeFi, DEX, liquidity pool, NFT products, which ensure the stable functioning of the ecosystem and a constant income for our users.
100 Token A 10 Token B Reserves UNISWAP POOL 12 Pool Tokens Liquidty Shares Zero Fees Zero Fees Mido Rewards Pool Mido Investors Pool MidoPays Fees Liquidly Provider 4 LP Shares 10 Token A 1 Token B Imput: Output: DEPOSIT Mido income 1 Token B 10 Token A 0.03% Fee Imput: Output: SWAP DeFi LP Programs Trader

Road map

Check out our roadmap to find out our stages of development and our main goals that we set.
February 2020
  • A team of enthusiasts of crypto trading and blockchain technologies has been formed.
  • Own trading of crypto assets.
March 2020
  • Start of development of a trading platform.
May 2020
  • Launch of the beta version of the platform for private investors.
  • Investments in Bitcoin are available for intraday trading on cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • A limited circle of investors was invited to identify shortcomings and refine the platform's functionality under.
June 2020
  • Errors and gaps in the platform's functionality identified by beta testers have been eliminated.
August 2020
  • Connection of payment gateways for working with Ethereum and Litecoin cryptocurrencies.
  • Active interaction with testers and improvement of the platform's functionality.
September 2020
  • All errors and shortcomings identified at the testing stage have been completely eliminated. Platform testing phase is fully completed.
  • Start of preparation of the release version of the website.
  • Elaboration of design and improvement of UI/UX.
  • Exploring the capabilities of DeFi technologies.
December 2020
  • Entering the cryptocurrency market:
    • Registering a company in New Zealand and opening a head office in Auckland New Zealand.
    • Cryptocurrency trading, finding and hiring new experienced traders, forming reserve capital due to successful trading activities and rapid growth of all assets.
  • Scaling the company:
    • Expanding the staff of blockchain specialists, creating an additional analytical and cyber security departments.
December 25, 2020 - January 15, 2021
  • Christmas holidays
March 2021
  • Starting DEX development:
    • Creating an own exchange with improved functionality, a simple interface for beginners. The company's specialists took into account all the shortcomings of competitors.
May 2021
  • Focusing on DeFi:
    • Beginning active investments in the DeFi sector.
  • Researching NFT Market:
    • Beginning to study the NFT sector.
July 2021
  • Launching a public investment fund:
    • Thanks to a well-built profit generation system, it was decided to scale the company by attracting additional capital.
    • In the same year the reserve capital was increased by another 30%.
August 2021
  • Researching NFT & DeFi Integration:
    • Continuing the study of integration into the DeFi sector and the capabilities of NFT.
September 2021
  • Starting an international advertising campaign to promote our activities, attract private investors.
  • Starting activity in social networks.
  • Preparing documents for the start of company registration procedure in Europe for integration with international cryptocurrency exchanges and attracting new investors.
October 2021
  • Holding conferences that teach how to work with our platform.
  • Adding new cryptocurrencies available for investment, exchange and staking.
December 2021
  • Launching an own mobile application.
  • DeFi Liquidity Pools:
    • Creating an own liquidity pool to increase the profitability of our investors.
December 25, 2021 - January 15, 2022
  • Christmas holidays
January 2022
  • Attracting private investments:
    • Attracting investors for even more working capital.
    • Beginning of creation a base for opening consulting centers on every continent.
    • Popularizing the company worldwide.
February 2022
  • Beginning the development of its own cryptocurrency Mido token
March 2022
  • Starting the first stage of ICO.
  • Beginning the development of our own DEX.
April 2022
  • Preparing the necessary documents for the registration of a company in the United States.
  • Coordinating legal issues with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
May 2022
  • Developing a platform for remote training of cryptocurrency trading and working with DeFi.
June 2022
  • Registering a company in Latin America and Indonesia.
July 2022
  • Listing of Mido token on the TOP-10 cryptocurrency exchange.
August 2022
  • Opening consulting centers in the USA, Latin America, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia.
September 2022
Payment cards
  • Integrating the platform with the Mastercard payment system.
  • Issuing our own plastic cards linked to the account of our platform.
October 2022
  • Listing of Mido token on the TOP-5 cryptocurrency exchange
December 2022
  • Launching an IPO:
    • A new level of development that will attract institutional investors.
December 25, 2022 - January 15, 2023
  • Christmas holidays

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