Webinar announcement in Spanish


We received good feedback on the last webinar, and many asked us to organize another one. So, this thursday, our CMO Lionel Von Berne will host another Zoom-conference for Spanish speaking users.

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88312071649
Speaker: Lionel Von Berne, CMO Mido Finance
Conference language: Spanish
Time: 19:00 UTC-0 time 11/25/2021

Local time for different time zones:
Madrid 20:00
Buenos Aires 16:00
Brazilia 16:00
Caracas 15:00
Washington 15:00
Ottawa 15:00
Bogota 14:00
Habana 14:00
Mexico 13:00

We invite everyone to take part in the webinar. See you thursday.

Best regards, Mido Finance team.