Added cryptocurrency TRON


During the Zoom meeting of our CMO Lionel Von Berne with the leaders of international teams, which took place last week, we received a request to add the Tron cryptocurrency to make payments on the platform.

And today, we report that this task has been completed. Now you can invest in Tron and make a profit in this cryptocurrency. Tron is known for its low cost and high transaction speed. Using our platform has become even more convenient!

We also want to inform you that every week our CMO holds Zoom meetings with team leaders from different countries, answers questions and solves problems that arise. If you have many referrals and want to participate in such meetings, then send a request to or contact the Mido manager who works with you. And if you are an ordinary investor and have any questions, ask your upline to participate in the Zoom meeting and convey your question or request. 

Also, for investors, we will soon organize a Zoom meeting, where everyone can personally meet our Marketing Director. Follow the Mido news.

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