Zoom conference for our users


We invite all users to a Zoom meeting with Lionel von Bern, Marketing Director of Mido Finance. This is the first conference for our investors, where you can meet our Marketing Director and ask all your questions about the company's work.

The Zoom meeting will be held in English and start on 22.10.2021 at 17-00 UTC-0 time.

Local pick-up time:
Abuja 18:00
Berlin 19:00
Paris 19:00
Istanbul 19:00
Madrid 19:00
Moscow 20:00
Delhi 22:30
Dhaka 23:00
Jakarta 0:00
Manila 1:00
Buenos Aires 14:00
Brazilia 14:00
Caracas 13:00
Washington 13:00
Mexico 12:00
Link to Zoom-conference https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88312071649

We hope that you will find the time and attend the conference.
See you.

Best regards, Mido Finance team.