Zoom-conference announcement from Dubai with Mr Lionel Von Berne, CMO of Mido Finance company


On 04.11.2021 at 13-00 UTC-0 time, a live broadcast of the Zoom-meeting with Mr Lionel Von Berne. He is currently in Dubai, UAE and wants to hold a conference with our investors. Anyone can take part in the Zoom-conference and ask questions of interest.

Link to Zoom-conference https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88312071649

Local conference time for different countries:
Abuja 14:00
Paris 14:00
Istanbul 16:00
Madrid 14:00
Moscow 16:00
Dubai 17:00
Delhi 18:30
Hanoi 20:00
Jakarta 20:00
Manila 21:00
Buenos Aires 10:00
Brazilia 10:00
Caracas 9:00
Washington 9:00
Bogota 8:00

Join to our Zoom-meeting. We want to see you!

Best regards, Mido Finance team.