We are opening a group in Telegram!


Our community is growing every day, and for improving communication we open a group in Telegram https://t.me/mido_en. Now you can discuss any questions you are interested in with our experts in real-time. The group employs our technical support specialist, who can answer any of your questions and solve problems that arise. Technical support communicates in English.

Technical Support Specialist: @betty_fisher
Group moderator: @mido_support

Our group in Telegram: https://t.me/mido_en

Newsgroups and channels:

We also want to warn you that we don't have other official groups and channels, technical support specialists, moderators, and administrators, except those mentioned above. All our contacts are public.
Our employees never write first in private messages. Don't share data from your Mido Finance account with anyone. All investments are accepted only through the official website https://mido-finance.com

Mido Finance team.